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2024 Policies

Lesson Time

Lessons are approximately 30 minutes, however, please allow for some grace during transition periods. Lessons will begin promptly and if you are running late, please let our team know by sending an email to or calling 240.780.8056. In the event that you are running behind but arrive within 15 minutes of the lesson start time, we will still perform the remaining lesson, and end at the scheduled time. With a tight schedule, we are not able to go over the allotted time. If you arrive 15 minutes or more past the lesson start time, you will be marked as a no show and the lesson will be forfeited. 


Weather Policy

We maintain and adhere to all partner pool guidelines/ staff guidance. When inclement weather arises, we strictly follow ALL partner pool rules related to pool exits and pool closures. 


Cold Weather:

If the temperature is below 72 degrees AND there are unfavorable/cold weather conditions during the scheduled lesson time (i.e. consistent rain, heavy/cool wind chill, overcast, storms), we may proactively cancel lessons. Both WILL be true if we preemptively cancel. If we are making the call to cancel lessons, you WILL hear from us directly, with at least 30 minutes' notice. If you do not hear from us, please assume the lesson will still be running. Parents reserve the right to cancel for incoming storms and will be responsible for finding their own makeup through our scheduling software. Instructors will almost always be willing to continue running lessons as long as the pool remains open! Please be mindful of scheduling little ones after 7 pm when the sun is set and the weather cools down. RFSS staff highly recommends investing in rash guards and/or wetsuits to stay warm and comfortable during lessons.



If less than 15 minutes of the lesson occurs before inclement weather, you can schedule a makeup through our scheduling software at no extra charge. However, if 15 minutes or more of the lesson is delivered, we will consider that lesson completed and no makeup will be available. In the event a lesson is canceled prior to the lesson start time, you can schedule a makeup in our scheduling software.



Payment will be collected through our Captyn online booking platform. Our Captyn platform uses Stripe to process payments. Payment is due at the time of booking confirmation. Stripe will securely store payment details and payment will be processed once registration is submitted by customer. Confirmation of schedule will be sent from RFSS staff to customer following review. Bookings without payment will not be considered confirmed lessons and no lesson will be delivered without confirmation of payment. RFSS raised our lesson prices this year to match the quality of our services and to ensure the best possible treatment of our instructors and administration staff. 



Please let our staff know of any non-emergency cancellations at least 72 hours in advance. Makeup lessons are not guaranteed if you fail to notice us in time. Our swim program allows up to 3 makeups for non-emergency cancellations. Due to the high volume of lessons, make-up lessons may be delivered by any instructor on staff. Missed lessons when notice is given or in emergency situations will be given makeup scheduling priority. You may schedule makeup lessons on Captyn. For emergency cancellations (sickness, family emergency, etc), please reach out to admin via email and we will grant you a priority makeup. If instructors cancel a lesson, priority makeups will be arranged as soon as possible. Please reach out to us via email if you have any issues with scheduling a makeup. 


Refund Policy

Rainbow Fish Swim School is moving to a zero refund policy in order to respect our instructors time and effort. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please reach out to admin via email.


Withdrawal Policy

We are scheduling in advance in order to offer more time/prep for scheduling, please carefully review your schedule before registering for lessons. If you withdraw for the season, we cannot guarantee a full refund.


Culture of Care Policy

Our instructors have been trained to emulate our program values of inclusivity and care in their work and to bring the gift of comfort and skill in the water to their lessons. We promise to treat our swimmers and swim families with care and respect, and our instructors will ask for the same treatment in return. In the unlikely event of a violation of this policy, our swimmers and swim families reserve the right to reach out to us with any concerns. Our team also reserves the right to refuse service to any swimmer/swim family in violation of our culture of care policy. 


Parkland Pool Policy

RFSS follows all rules, regulations and procedures set forth by Parkland swim association. Please visit for more information on their policies. Unless otherwise noted, swim lessons at parkland will occur in the lap lane closest to the wall. no more than two lessons can occur at the same time.


We follow the pool/lifeguards directives related to thunder. When it thunders, all pool patrons are instructed to exit the pool for 30 minutes. At each instance of thunder, the 30 minute timer restarts. In some cases of consistent thunderstorms, pool management may decide to close the pool early. Due to the nature of unpredictable weather, we will attempt to contact swimmer families as it develops, however please feel free to call the pool beginning at 30 minutes before your scheduled lesson time at 301-649-5670 to ask about closing/reopening times.

Waiver/Release of Liability

Updated 01.2024

Photo Release Form (optional)

Updated 01.2024

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RFSS Policies

Updated 01.2024

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