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Our Mission

Rainbow Fish Swim School is a Black women-owned, MD-based swim instruction program with a mission to provide safe and trustworthy space for people of all ages, bodies and abilities to progress their comfort, capacity, and skills in water. We have a vision

for all people to have access to inclusive and person-centered water safety and swimming skills lessons.

Our Culture of Care

Enthusiasm - for the service we provide and for the skills we are teaching

Respect - towards ALL folks at the pool, not just lesson takers

We do not tolerate ANY form of bullying, discrimination, or degradation - this stands for both how we treat others and how we are treated.

We promote inclusivity to our customers and diversity of the swimmers we serve - this will look like varied bodies, abilities, learning styles, confidence, communication, etc. Assumptions made about a person’s capacity to swim, learn swim skills, or participate in our program based on any of the above factors or any other demographic markers are not in line with our culture of care. With this in mind, mistakes can happen; we encourage all of our staff to practice active accountability and learn from regrettable instances while under our employment.

Each of our swimmers is the expert of their own body - please treat physical touch/physical instruction with extra care and be very conscious about how a student is reacting to how you are instructing them. We provide intentional, continuous and CLEAR requests to engage physically, and talk them through what you plan to do BEFORE you do it. 

Each of our swimmers is the expert of their own mind - please treat a swimmer’s report about their comfort level as accurate and true. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE CANNOT CHALLENGE OUR SWIMMERS. This is the nature of how we are effective. We provide individualized, responsive swim instruction that both honors where someone is and pushes them to build confidence and skill.

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